Welcome to The Angel Grove Museum Of Power Ranger Art!

Allow me to give a little bit of background on this site. You see, I've done romantic Power Rangers graphics for the last couple of years, and feel especially now with the advent of Power Rangers Samurai, that I wanted to focus on each of the individual Rangers in their own right, graphics wise. To that end, this site was formed.

I have to take a minute and thank Angel and Shawn for the help with this, and another bigthanks to Shawn for the title! Love ya both!

Love Kim

11/24/2010 - NOTE TO ALL USERS - MY GRAPHICS ARE NOT TO BE USED ON ANOTHER GALLERY, FACEBOOK PAGE, WEBSITE, ETC WITHOUT MY PERMISSION UNLESS I POST THEM THERE FOR YOU TO USE. I honestly didn't think I had to post this here but after 2 thefts of graphics that have been posted on other pages without my consent in the last two months, obviously I do. If the theft and use without credit continues, I'll take down my entire site and be done making graphics.
The Angel Grove Museum Of Power Ranger Art
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